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Cornelius Planning & Consulting is passionate about promoting smart development in the Lake Tahoe Region by leveraging our expertise and vast knowledge of the Tahoe and Truckee regulatory systems. The goals is to add expertise and efficiency to the planning and permitting process. We support the residential property improvements, economic vitality, essential commercial redevelopment, access to recreation, water quality enhancement, and preserving environmental integrity as well as addressing community issues such as traffic and lack of affordable housing. 


We will use our vast knowledge of the regulatory system to generate innovative solutions which will help you achieve your vision, move your project forward, and minimize obstacles as well as costly, time-consuming revisions during the permitting process. We simultaneously serve agencies by assembling precise applications and plan sets and providing project management/coordination, thus reducing extra time required of staff. 

Amy cornelius, principal planner

Amy is an accomplished consultant with 16 years of land use planning, TRPA consulting, and engineering expertise, including a decade in the complex Tahoe Truckee Region. Through the years Amy has gained detailed knowledge of the permitting process and regulatory documents, including insight into exceptions, allowances, and innovative solutions which can be employed to help achieve your goals. She also has extensive insight into obstacles that cause the permitting process to span for long periods of time or stall completely, and ways to mitigate this. After years in small local firms, and a few short years on the regulatory side, Amy wanted to broaden her scope to provide services to a wider audience, thus she formed Cornelius Planning & Consulting.

In the Lake Tahoe Region Amy worked first as an engineer with a heavy component of planning, quickly transitioning to focus on land use and TRPA planning. Adding to her expertise, Amy was a planner/civil engineer in other mountainous regions, producing complex engineering plans, conducting large-scale hydrologic studies, determining FEMA floodplain boundaries, producing extensive watershed master plans, and authoring a watershed master planning manual and a low impact design guideline manual. Finally, Amy built a strong foundation for her work through studies in environmental science at Colorado College, completion of a post baccalaureate program in Sustainable Engineering at the University of Auckland, and working as a research aid at her family’s law firm in Nashville, Cornelius & Collins.  

Pursuits outside of work include mountain biking, trail running, paddle boarding, sailing, waterskiing, skiing backcountry/cross-country/resort, and throwing dinner parties. Amy also serves the community contributes to the work of numerous local nonprofit organizations including, but not limited to: ​

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