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We provide a wide range of services to ensure the success of your project: land use planning, regulatory and TRPA compliance, site & BMP design, permit preparation, submittal, monitoring, and project management for residential, commercial, multi-use, shorezone, scenic, recreational, and community service projects.


To start we’ll gain a thorough understanding of your goals and figure out how it fits within the regulations. If you’re still developing your vision, we can determine what’s possible and help craft your plan. Pre project approvals (e.g. variances) will be obtained, and timeline will be discussed.

  • Feasibility studies, identification of potential restrictions

  • TRPA Site Assessments/coverage verifications

  • Coverage analysis and strategization

  • Development right evaluation/acquisition/conversion projects

  • Special pre-project approvals (variances, zoning changes) 

  • CEQ analysis/EIR for large projects (e.g. commercial)

  • Parking requirements and impacts

  • Real estate consultations (agents and buyers)

  • Pre development meetings with agencies 

  • Public outreach campaigns

  • Identify exceptions, allowances, and other innovative solutions 

  • Project scheduling/timeline/expediting

During the design phase, we will collaborate with your architect and engineer to ensure the project plans align with planning regulations. Civil site plan production is offered for time sensitive projects.


  • Scenic shorezone analysis, visual impact scoring

  • Pier, boat lift, and buoy permitting

  • Scenic corridor assessments

  • Navigate floodplains, waterways, and stream environment zones

  • Sign permits

  • Professional site plans with coverage calculations

  • Access Plans for fire department pre approval

  • BMP Plans including calculations and design, temporary and permanent measures

  • Project coordination - act as liaison between architect, engineer and consultants

  • Conformance checks



In the Tahoe Region, even small projects typically require a multitude of permits and approvals, each with numerous forms and documents. We offer comprehensive permit preparation, submittal, and monitoring. We minimize delays by ensuring submittals occur at the right time, and providing coordination so corrections are turned around quickly.


  • County/town permit applications along with other concurrent agency approvals 

  • Planning entitlement applications  (e.g. use permits, design review approval, administrative approval, subdivisions, lot mergers, boundary line adjustments, sign permits, event permits)

  • Coordinate and manage EIR or negative declaration process for larger projects

  • Represent project at public meetings/hearings/committee reviews

  • Track permit progress, ensuring forward movement

  • Assist with any issues or revisions required during construction

Nonprofit Organizations

We support organizations that protect the environment, economic vitality, community, and character of the Lake Tahoe Region by allocating some time to provide information and regulatory insights on a pro bono basis.

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