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Placer County proposal to introduce widespread paid parking in North Lake Tahoe as part of Parking Management Plan. Paid parking is proposed in town centers, at beach parking lots, and trailheads, as well as a program facilitating introduction of fees in private parking lots. Restrictions to public parking on side streets is also proposed, which would include a parking pass system for residents and their guests.

Public opposition to paid parking in downtown Tahoe City has lead to the elimination of paid parking on roadways there, but other fee areas are still being considered.

You can make your voice heard on this issue by taking the survey linked below:

When we took this survey, the options offered often did not include what we felt was best for the community. If you run into this we suggest noting that clearly in any section that offers notes or additional information.

The main information page for the proposed Parking Management Program can be found here and don’t miss the link the FAQ page and recording of the 7/20/23 public workshop with helpful information at the bottom of this page.


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